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Mohammad Mosaddeq.

He was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 to 1953 and is most famous for the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control since 1913 through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (later British Petroleum or BP).

mohammad mosadegh  saltaneh . ...jpg
mosadegh in dark and brightness 2.jpg

title‚Mosaddeq Marching up the hill from the back, walking toward an uncertain horizon’

ink on foam-board
mixed mediainstallation.

date. 2011

series. carved & covered*

size130 x 300 cm Diptych 

Salsali Private Museum, Permanent Collection.

*the central element is carved and covered at the back with a black fabric. ​This allows  the mounted light to filter through the work as a halo of light.

On this drawing you see Mosaddeq walking up a hill. This hill represents Iran and if you look at it carefully, the map of Iran can be seen in it.


#Mosaddeq is holding a walking stick and with it, he's firmly pointing at the ground. On this specific point, oil was discovered for the first time in Iran (Masjed Soleyman). This event changed the history of Iran and the Middle East.


With his stick, he's also making a firm gesture to the people that the discovered oil is Iran's national good, and therefore a national right to the people of Iran. 

As you can see, this point is the center of the Sun rising in the drawing. This rise has a symbolic meaning for me, as sun stands for life, energy and growth.


Show Off! Exhibition 2012

Salsali Private Museum, Permanent Collection.

mossadeq times
mossadeq court
mossadeq court
mossadeq court
radio installation.jpg
Radio detail.jpg

On Radio installation: The most important days in his life.

Inside the radio installation: Mosaddeq's Speech

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