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artist statement​.

I believe in this quote that " the best ideas will come on the right time, with the right material and match up in a perfect outcome''.

I do not believe in tying oneself as an artist to one specific art style or material. For me, concept and material follow inspiration and idea, not the other way around.


To come to this ‘perfect outcome’, I use fine techniques and patience. Patience for finding the right materials and collecting the objects that are special or useful with wandering around flea markets and collecting old knick-knacks to make a use of them later on. However, up until there is no specific idea in mind I put them aside and wait for an idea or an inspiration, or a magical sparkle of moment  that an idea begins to form . Then…I opt for a collage, assemblage, drawing, conceptual art, installation, Video or whatever my medium suits the idea best.



My inspiration comes from daily life and all the surprises that it brings along. 

Personally, I like surprises…That’s why I like to keep surprising myself and others with my artworks."


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