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title.  Unlaunched: Not set afloat. *

160 * 150 * 40 cm

date. 2013


* Inspired by a John Keats poem

I created this installation in 2012. Micky Mouse's head is assembled with the head of Samovar and he is looking at the water leaking from the tap. I believe this is my most objectivist-conceptual artwork since the series "as if they always belonged to each other" and my most underrated artwork which has remained unknown.
An artwork in which Micky Mouse is fantasising a queer state. Each human who is not understood and accepted can be known as queer in the wider sense of the word. Especially the artist whose values differ from the values of the main stream and dominant market.
During the early years of my professional career, after a few group exhibitions, as an emerging artist I needed a suitable gallery's promotion as a "launch pad". I heard this expression repeatedly from a gallery manager in Dubai who emphasised on launching the artists. So I created this ship as a pad to be launched from.
A ship that many artists try to be launched from even though they don't deserve it professionally or morally.

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