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titleUncertain Horizon. 1

Interactive installation
~ 200*200*100 cm each Swing
Materials: Wood , Chain, Paper 2 Handmade puppets: each 70 * 25 * 20 cm

date. 2011

presented at AULA, Academy of fine arts Vienna


''A Time for Dreams’’, Curated by David Elliott, 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art,

Strategic project, MOMA Moscow, Russia


People themselves are elements that are connected to other causes and effects. Sometimes they are moved by extern forces and influences, and sometimes by intern. Sometimes we resist, sometimes we let go and surrender towards an uncertain horizon. The latter has always fascinated me...Life is a swing! you can either scream, or you can throw your hands up in the air, and enjoy it..

Description: In my last Installation as you see there are 2 swings. In one of them hangs a paper with a drawing of a woman on it and the other is a man and they are soaring parallel and they are looking at the uncertain horizon. On that installation we see 2 Puppets (a little boy & a little girl) who stand there in a mysterious way against the swings. When we see the swing from the back side, we see just a white paper and we don't know what is behind... the paper can be hold

up and dropped by hand, by people and audience themselves.

Farshido at Moscow biennal 2012

Farshido at Moscow biennal 2012

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