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title.  The dust is swept away.but is it my desire that sweeps the past clean or the past that sweeps my desire?

date. 2011

Video.  installation. 

by Farshido Fati*

*Fati (Fatemeh): Farshido's mother

The competition for love

"Blood,imagination and intellect running together."


When I saw " Is it my desire that ...?", I wasn't surprised. And I coud see my friend (Farshido)'s perpetual concern: Reviving the soulless,Characterizing the expressionless,illuminating the forgotten.

 Art for Farshido is not life as it is lived and acted, it is life seen in the mode of contemplation,recreated into a new kind of life under the power of a new kind of drive,the activity of re-collecting, combining, amplifying and animating it by getting it into an organic order.

The idea of this work goes back to the 70s, the days that Farshido's mother," Fati" was an apprentice in the Iranian Army of Knowledge, an organization with the purpose of developing cutural,social, and artistic activities in Iran in that period of time.Farshido finds some of Fati's works accidentally and awakens their asleep soul and leads them out of darkness.This special work, besides the relation of a mother and son through Art, represents the relation of the desire and time.An accident objectifies a wish and it becomes a part of it.This process of becoming is repeated in each moment that comes and goes and teaches a lesson to the mind of the observer: to regenerate this moment and this process of becoming via sympathy.Finally they become one.The video narrates the journey through which they become is a short video but it's possible to feel all those years and the dust on them in a minute.I knew from the begining that I had to let it touch my feeling to be able to sense the long life in each of its moments.

what do we confront here in addition to an artistic collage of spangles and beads?Undoubtedly it could be considered as Farshido's footnote on Fati's piece.but sometimes footnotes are as remarkable as the main work if not more significant.Hence,Farshido's footnote is a momentous outstanding one.In other words it is the celebration of  time's ablaze frenzy and madness over the flames of desire and exultation.Just look the behavior of both artists.look at Fati's hands and their physical behavior.look at her touch.look at Farshido's observation,consideration and response to the work.the way they treat the work is a part of the work itself.Once he was breastfed by her mother.Now his own Art is breastfed by his desire.Fati is an artist who speaks to Art,and speaks to herself by means of the  Art language.Obviously her son,Farshido speaks the same language;but he is also an artist with a magic.the one striving passionately to illuminate the invisible in the twinkling of a moment and stab it into the observer's dark side of mind and heart.

When I focus on this work once more,Fati and Farshido disappear in front of my eyes,What I only see is the competition for love. 

 ✒︎ Adel Hashemi

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