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Blue-Prints belong to industrial and somehow modern times. The modern mechanisms don’t seem intimate or friendly, however they guarantee our safety, peace and loneliness. So an artist can sit in his modern studio and reconstruct it without any disturbance from the outside. This collection is focused on depicting the end and rise of two different eras in an artist’s life.

Modern architecture is beautiful but there is a space between Modern Architecture and man. There is a distance. These works try fill that distance. They try to fill the lack of intimacy. I wanted to create a peaceful intimate composition using the harmony of the plans and the birds which are common in old Persian painting and architecture. The birds that make their dens in the plans and they move from inanimate nature to animate nature. A move toward life.

 ✒︎ Adel Hashemi

title. Dens in the Plans

date. 2016-2021

under seriesAs If They Always Belonged To Each Other


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