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title.  As If They Always Belonged To Each Other - Part 04

date. 2015

20x30 cm each.

mixed media

These old button’s sample-cards were in fact the samples which were used by the customers for wholesale order of the buttons. Therefore, some numbers can be seen on them corresponding to the available sizes, the reference number of each button, colors and so on.

Since the arrangement of these buttons with the relevant numbers provide a nice combination, I have not removed them from the cardboard and have not made any changes in their arrangement. I have just tried to draw the shapes which I myself see in them by threads. This is exactly what our minds do when we see the stars; trying to create some shapes by connecting them.


 ✒︎ Farshido

“Hidden In The Metaphor Of Objects”


In these works we can trace Dematerialisation by the artist, to make it clearer I should say that the artist stresses on a cheap material like button, repeats and multiplies it within different forms and avoids applying the common materials, introduces a new viewpoint for knowing Artworks. The long difficult but pleasant process of roaming in bazars and fairs and finding buttons, thread rolls and any real story out of the picture is a part of the artwork. There are many pieces made of buttons that are discovered by the artist. He gives them soul, secret.


Besides the formalist interpretation of those works we could propose  a metaphorical approach and analysis. Button is a very cheap accessible object. Its role is fastening, keeping tight, closing, and controlling a physical condition. So, by itself and alone, a button is a worthless and meaningless object, i.e, it finds its meaning in a system according to its function or role. Hence, in a metaphorical viewpoint, a button could be a metaphor for a slave serving Power. In these collages we see an army of buttons that have left their role or duty, they have left outfits, garments and bodies. They have left their clichéd function behind, They have come together, They’ve found new arrangement and discipline, and they’ve offered each other a new definition and identity. They don’t close; they aren’t closed either. They only interconnect and confront us with their revolution. A revolution in meaning and function. 

Some of the chosen material would be ruined or forgotten if they weren’t used in these collections. But this collage revived them, reanimated them with a new life and function. Above all they have helped the artist and the artist has helped them.

 ✒︎ Adel Hashemi

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