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2018 - 2016              Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts with Distinction

                                     Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

2001 - 2007             Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum (Processes Design)

                                      Tehran Azad University, Iran

lectures and teaching. 

2015 - 2018           ‘’Practical Exercises Fine Arts’’,  MORE Workshop program, Lecture      

                                   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

solo shows. selected.

2021         Ithyphallic And The Masculine Triangle, Curated by Lorenzo Bruni, The Others art fair, Turin, Italy

2021         Everything Is Up In The Air, Theater am Spittelberg, under Behnoode foundation, Austria

2018         Director's Cut, Parallel Vienna, represented by Art Tomorrow Gallery, Austria

2016         ''All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’’, Mohsen Gallery -1, Tehran, Iran 

2016         ''Pocket Memories’’, Mohsen Gallery in GF, Tehran, Iran

2015        "As if they always belonged to each other - Part 2”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015        "Pishin’’, (FarshidoShirin), Mendes (The Vienna Globe), Austria

2013        "As if they always belonged to each other - Part 1”, Shirin art Gallery Tehran, Iran

2012         "Present Perfect Continuous”, Curated by Andrea Smolka | Road-works Vienna, Austria

2011         “Woman”, At AULA, Academy of fine arts Vienna, Austria 

2010        “Her Eternal Presence”, I.L.V. Atelier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009       “Aftabeh“, Time Gallery, Vienna, Austria

group exhibitions. selected.

2021          ''My Very Favourite Things'',Cureted by Narges Hamzianpour, The Lodge gallery L.A., (USA)

2019          ''The List'', curated by Orkideh Daroodi, O Gallery Tehran, Iran

2018          ''Identity Crisis'', 4th ''VA'' Lifestyle, Ava Art Levels Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018         ''Solidarity Matters'', Charity Auction, MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

2018         ''Eco-Art'', 7th Annual of Contemporary Art Persbook, Aknoon Gallery,  Isfahan, Iran

2017          ''Charity Auction Caritas'',  Dorotheum Palace Vienna, Austria

2017          ‘’Zivilcourage'', Curated by Ingrid Weydemann, Museum Fronfeste Neumarkt, Salzburg, Austria

2016          Korsi lnstallation by FarshidoShirin, Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran 

2016          "Sowohl als auch”, XPOSIT, Academy of Fine arts Vienna, Austria 

2016          With "Pocket Memories" Project at Landesausstellung Salzburg; ''Von Hier. Und dort.”, Curated by Ingrid                        Weydemann, Museum Fronfeste Neumarkt, Austria

2016          ''Allusive Moment’’, MIM Gallery Los Angeles, USA

2016          ‘'Academy Prizes Exhibition 15-16 '', Semperdepot, Academy of fine arts Vienna, Austria

2016          ''Thesis Exhibition 15-16 '', XHIBIT, Academy of fine arts Vienna, Austria

2015          "Angels, Saints And Co”, Aaran Projects Tehran, Iran

2015          ''World Hero'' (Jahan Pahlevan), Contemporary art museum of Ahvaz, Iran 

2015          '2nd cellar exhibition’’, Curated by Fariba Mosleh, Studio One Vienna, Austria 

2015          Korsi installation by FarshidoShirin, Semperdepot Vienna, Austria

2014          'World Hero'' (Jahan Pahlevan), Shirin Art Gallery Tehran, Iran

2011          ‘'The Medium’’, Curated by David Eisel, INOMO art space, Vienna, Austria

2011          "Handelnde und leidende Helden”, Baroque Castle Mistelbach, Austria

2011          “ART-ACT”, Curated by Veronika Dirnhofer, Fellner Wratzfeld & P Vienna, Austria

2011           ''A Time for Dreams’’, Curated by David Elliott, 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young                                               Art, Strategic project, MOMA Moscow, Russia

2011           ''Without Border2’', Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art, Iran

2011           " SHOW OFF!”, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, UAE

2011           "Bücherinnen, - die”, Salon for Art-book, Vienna, Austria

2011           "Hinterland meets Iran “, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna art week, Austria

2011            “Devision by Zero”, Carbon12 Dubai Gallery, UAE

2011            "For whom the Bell tolls”, Curated by Gunter Damisch, NÖ Documentation Centre for Modern Art

                     Saint Pölten, Austria

2009         ‘’Goldene Kentaur’’ Prize, Lithography (Stone Print) Exhibition, Artist House Munich, Germany

art fairs. participations as artist.

2021           WOP artfair with Behnoode Foundation, Lugano, Switzerland

2021           Solo show at The Others Artfair, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, under Behnoode Foundation, Turin, IT

2021           Bongah book artfair, represented by Hamras Artspace, Tehran, Iran

2018          Parallel Vienna, represented by Art Tomorrow Gallery, Austria

2014          Viennafair The New Contemporary, represented by Shirin art Gallery NY, Austria

2013          Scope Miami Beach, represented by Shirin art gallery NY, USA

2012          Viennafair, represented by Carbon12 Dubai, Austria 


2012         Commission for I'Atelier Camelia through Carbon12 Dubai, UAE

2012         Commission for Salsali Private Museum, through Carbon12 Dubai, UAE

awards and achievements.

2020        Stadt Wien Working stipend (Arbeitsstipendium)

2016         Winner of ''Würdigungs” Prize 2016, Academy of fine arts Vienna, Austria

2016         Nominated for the ''Kunsthalle Prize'', Austria

2014         Selected designer and producer for the Award of “Wiener Mut”, Austria

2013         Selected designer and producer for the Award of "Preis Der Wiener Vielfalt” Austria

2013         Selected artist for the IEEA online Gallery, Int. Emerging Artist Award UAE

2013         Finalist, ‘’Schiller Public art Competition’’, Austria

2013         Special Prize, 3rd Annual of Contemporary Art Persbook, Iran

2012         Selected artist for the Strategic project in 3rd Moscow Int. Biennale for Young Art  Russia

2012         Participant with experimental film at 9th Naoussa Int. Film Festival, Greece

2012         Special Prize, 2nd Annual of Contemporary Art Persbook, Iran

2012         2d Winner of Mistelbach Marionette Poster Competition, Austria

public collections.

2021          The Liesenfeld / Jordan Collection , Kunstalm, Austria

2017          Kupferstichkabinett (The Graphic Collection), Academy of fine arts Vienna, Austria

2016          MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow), Poland

2016          Fronfeste Museum, Austria

2012-13    Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

2012          L'Atelier Camelia, UAE

2011           Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, UAE

bibliography & media.

24.04.2016         ‘’Flora Fauna’’ Art-book, House 21, Salon for Art book, Sabot & Gr3750

2015                      Neurologisch Magazine, Cover, Neuro 04|2015

19.10.2014            ‘’Portrait Farshido’’, Wien Heute program, ORF2 TV Channel 

                                (The Austrian national public service broadcaster)

2013                       Neurologisch Magazine, Cover, Neuro 01|2013

14.09.2013           ‘’Portrait Farshid Larimian’’, Wien Heute program, ORF2 TV Channel, Austria

13.09.2013           "Preis Der Wiener Vielfalt” is taking shape, Wien Heute program, ORF 2, Austria

12. 07.2012           ‘’3rd Moscow Int. Biennale for Young Art’’ Interview with Cultural TV Russia

2012                       Neurologisch Magazine, Cover, Neuro 02|2012

publications. selected.

27.4.2021         Freudensprünge der Kultur, Die Presse, Austria

24.04.2021      Luftsprünge für baldige Theateröffnung, Kurier, Austria 

2018                  ''Persbook, Eco-Art'' Book, the 7th Annual of Contemporary Arts, Pigeon Breath

Oct. 2017         ’’Kunstwerke für das leben’’ Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien & DiePresse Wien, Austria

Sept. 2017        ‘’Zeichnen als Verständigung’’, Kurier Austria

Dec. 2016         ‘’Pocket Memories’’, Harpers Bazaar Arabia 

Dec. 2016          ’’Artworks inspired by the elements of tradition and modernity’’, Iran Newspaper

June. 2016         ’"Das Sticken der Uhr’’, Der Standard Austria

May.2016           ‘’Von hier. und Dort.’’ Fronfeste Nr.12, Austria

April 2015          ’’Pishin - Wind From The East’’, Kurier-Extra Austria

March 2012       ‘’Into the Vision of Farshido’’, Contemporary Practices, Vol.10

2015                    ‘’stay, or leave’’, Herfeh Honarmand Art Magazine, Issue no. 50 , Iran

2013                    ‘’A history narrated by Micky Mouse”, Herfeh Honarmand Art Mag., Issue no. 49 

Jan. 2013            The art project ‘’Schiller’’, Tiroler Spirale Band 3, Austria 

May 2012           ''Every Run There Is No Way Back'', Diletto, Austria 

July 2011              'Fresh palette of irreverence'', Gulf news

July 2012            ''A lesson in art'' - Art Features / Division by Zero , Time out Dubai 

March 2011         ‘’Woman’’, Academy of fine arts Vienna, Official Website

2011                     "Bücherinnen, - die”, Salon for Art-book, Vienna, Austria

Nov. 2011           ‘’Hinterland Meets Iran’’, Hinterland Gallery Pub.

April 2009         ‘’Die Kraft Der Schöpfung’’, Münchner Künstlerhaus-Stiftung Konzeption

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