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title. Ithyphallic And The Masculine Triangle

installation & producer: Farshido
curated by Lorenzo Bruni

date. 2021

The triangle has many meanings dating back to ancient civilizations. It is one of the oldest and most widely used symbols, so much so that many of the non-triangular symbols we use today actually derived from a triangular symbol. Triangles are used to symbolize both male and female sexes. When the triangle is pointed upwards, it is the male symbol. It symbolizes male force, fire, dominance, aspiration, and male principles. As such, an upwards triangle symbolized ambition and dominance. Eventually, it came to have phallic connotations, and the bigger your triangle was or the more triangles you have, the more of a dominant man you are. In fact, you can still see this practice being played out today.
A triangle can also symbolize that you have or are currently aiming to reach our highest point in life. I believe that this installation ‘Ithyphallic* And The Masculine Triangle‘ has the same point and position in my current artistic career. 
Humans have always used objects as means so the identity of the objects depended on human needs; Hence I tend to revive the independent identity of the objects and glorifying the historical value of the object and the talent of its creator. My artworks sometimes use metaphors and sometimes lead the observer toward a direct sensory connection with the pieces and toward a personal revelation through delaying the meaning. The objects inside this installation have been collected through the past 10 years. 

*In art history a figure with an erect penis is described as ithyphallic.


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