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title.  Present Perfect Continuous - Part 01

date. 2012-2013

collagemixed media


Once, in my never-ending rummage of my beloved bookstore (the oldest in Vienna), exploring its damp and forgotten cellar, I came across a box that was filled with old copies of fashion magazines like Wiener Mode dating back to 1889.
The artists and designers exemplary attention to every detail caught my eyes; in the way that a certain look was shown, or the manner in which the face and the hands of the models were displayed. The artistic value undoubtedly went beyond a mere magazine advertisement.

I opted for a collage and started looking for similar forms and figures, in a way that once done, it would seem as if all the pieces had never been apart. Through this method, I was able to give new life and present once again, the artists’ work to the public after over hundred years.

And about why I chose the title “Present Perfect Continuous”: we use present perfect continuous in English for the actions and events that happened in the past and never stopped. It seems that something is being added or repeated again and again. It is similar to what I have done in this collection.

 ✒︎ Farshido

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