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titleDiv-O-Delbar  (Beauty And The Beast )

# As if They Always Belonged To Each Other


size~ 212 x 34 x 36 cm 

materials Vintage dolls, Tin, Glass, Rock, Metal


concept  &  background


…is about the fairy-tale love story  

between the beautiful Belle and an enchanted prince.                          

because of his rudeness, the prince once transformed into a  beast by a witch.

...Only if

the beast,

falls in love,

or beloved

by others,

the curse would be broken. 


“Browsing flea markets and generally gathering knick-knacks of the past has always been an amusing hobby, which recently, it seems to have turned into an addiction. I gravitate toward and end up purchasing things that attract and interest me or pick my curiosity, not for collection purposes, but with an intention of using them eventually, somehow. I keep them in a special chest until such time my imagination grants me and them a new birth and a new purpose.


An artist, through his creative process, matches and brings together seemingly unrelated things and when he is done, the final product is a harmonious piece that seems; as if the materials always belonged to each other.


During one of my  -never ending- rummages across free markets, I found once an amazing doll with such a damaged figure (literally and metaphorically), with dazzling blue eyes. That's what made it absorbing!” 

 ✒︎ Farshido

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