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title. the son of man & eve (i) 


from the …as if they always belonged to each other– part II series

interactive installation .

oil painting on canvas.

250 x 93 x 87 cm

1 edition.

closet, lamp, vintage cupboard door, key, apples

work's background.

What Matthew Arnold believed as interpretive power of poetry is also true about Art in general.The interpretive power by which he meant not the power of drawing out in black and white an explanation of the mystery of the universe, but the power of so dealing with things as to awaken in us a full, new and intimate sense of them. There are different narrations about the appearance of sexuality. Such as the myth of Zeus cutting humans' body in two halves in order to weaken them, for they could be a threat to the  gods. So that body was divided into man and woman. And since then each half is looking for his or her lost half, the other half, to find one's unity. But the creature we see here seems to be seeking for the lost half in himself or his own kind. The religious view considers the appearance of sexuality as a consequence of Adam and Eve's Fall from Eden.
Despite the parody of all these stories in this work the artist here illustrates today's alienated and departed modern human beyond the conventional boundaries of identity and sexuality. Despite the similarity it's more critical than René Magritte's. History of sexuality has reached a turning point. Bisexual and homosexual movements and tendencies of the century that arise against heterosexual patriarchal capitalist systems of power are good evidence for this claim. But why closet? why does the artist place this creature in the closet?
When we were children, we used to think that boogyman hides in the closet. Closet is always the monsters' home. But is the creature we see here a monster?I doubt it. This creature of the modern era seems to be lonely and frightened himself, he has to hide in the closet. Seeking sympathy and care. And he is mistakenly seen as the scary monster while emerging into the sunlit world.
The author shows his sympathy with his own creature by placing a light in the closet. Apparently he is illuminating the dark loneliness of the creature. Furthermore, designing the light like an apple refers to the Forbidden fruit. 

There are a few apples at the bottom of the closet, everyone is suppose to pick one apple, by every try the light is turned on.

 ✒︎ Adel Hashemi

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