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d.  These girders are made of wood. This material reduces their weight. It helps us carry them easily, touch them and feel more intimate with them.

But metal girders belong to industrial and somehow modern times. The modern mechanisms don’t seem intimate or friendly, however they guarantee our safety, peace and loneliness. So an artist can sit in his modern studio and reconstruct Aghajoon's house without any disturbance from the outside. This collection is focused on depicting the end and rise of two different eras in an artist’s life.


As I said these wooden girders don’t feel like iron despite the similarity. They don’t feel the coldness and absurdity of modern architecture elements. I feel they are haunted by the soul of old traditional architecture, it seems as if they are haunted by Aghajoon's house.


Modern architecture is beautiful but there is a space between Modern Architecture and man. There is a distance. These works try fill that distance. They try to fill the lack of intimacy.

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