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title. I saw it. I walked up the steps , and opened the door.

ink on foam-board.
date. 2011

series. carved & covered*

size200 x 140 cm

*the central element is carved and covered at the back with a black fabric. ​This allows  the sunlight to filter through the work as a halo of light.

Larimian's drawing, titled I Saw It. I Walked Up the Stairs and Opened the Door, is a more personal work. The artist comes from a small town in Iran and is happy to have received a scholarship at the University of Visual Arts in Vienna. His charming pen drawing on foam board depicts himself as a child walking up the stairs of his university towards a bright future. The door at the head of the stairs has been cut out from the foam board with a fabric pasted over it to allow light to shine through.

 ✒︎  Jyoti Kalsi / Gulf news

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